What is CDMO

A CDMO is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization, meaning they not only handle the outsourced manufacturing of drug substances, but also all of the innovation and development work that occurs prior to manufacturing one.



• Reduce infrastructure costs by reducing or eliminating the need to invest in additional production and manufacturing space, and eliminate costs associated with purchasing specialized equipment, since the CDMO has access to equipment and facilities.

• Access additional expertise by tapping into researchers with specialized skills—and a wide breadth of experience—to meet the needs of their drug development project and reduce their own payroll costs.

• Meet production deadlines and increased demand with the ability to shift production volume, add a drug variation or scale up without the added expenses of labor, facility space, etc.


What to Consider When Choosing a CDMO Partner

1. Access to and experience in the technology and science needed for your drug molecules

2. Right-sized and properly equipped facilities

3. Ability to keep costs and timelines in check  

4. Experience in the field

5.  A Fit With Your Company


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