Foreign trade clerk


1. Contact foreign customers, develop new customers and maintain old customers through various channels such as exhibitions at home and abroad, visits, telephone calls, and emails;
2. Understand customer needs, understand products, markets, competitors, etc., provide quotations, and provide good customer service;
3. Contact and visit domestic suppliers.


1. Bachelor degree or above, majors in pharmacy, chemistry, biology, international trade, English and other related majors are preferred;
2. Excellent spoken English, able to express fluently;
3. Open and outgoing, good communication skills, have a certain emotional intelligence, love sales;
4. Practical and steady, good interpersonal relationship, strong sense of responsibility and team spirit;
5. Good personal image and literacy.

Project development specialist

Position Description:

1. According to the company's overall strategic development needs, conduct comprehensive research and evaluation on new projects to provide effective information and suggestions for decision-making; perform routine maintenance on old projects to ensure that each project is progressed as planned.
2. According to the needs of key markets or specific customers, conduct market research on new products, new projects and new fields, provide the information, documents, samples and other support required by customers, and participate in daily communication with foreign customers, business talks, Activities such as technical handover;
3. Maintain sensitivity to the dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry, extensively collect the development information of the pharmaceutical industry at home and abroad, dig out valuable products, markets, suppliers and other relevant information, summarize and summarize and feed back to the relevant business departments;
4. Mining and accumulating domestic supplier resources, maintaining and strengthening good working relationship with domestic suppliers and strategic partners, organizing and participating in conferences and activities related to cooperation projects;
5. Assist the business department to conduct feasibility research and follow-up of potential projects to ensure that the projects in charge are advanced and completed as planned;
6. Complete the daily work of the department, organize and archive various records and documents, and jointly maintain and build the department's database.
7. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in biology, medicine, chemistry, pharmacy, relevant work experience is preferred;
2. Good at pioneering and innovative, with good market insight and learning ability, good interpersonal relationship, strong sense of responsibility, and team spirit;
3. Able to endure hardships, enterprising spirit, good at thinking, careful not impatient, outgoing, willing to communicate, strong ability to withstand pressure, adaptable to business trips;
4. Have strong written and spoken English skills, be able to read and translate relevant documents and communicate with foreign customers;
5. Proficient in office software, familiar with or understand chemical professional software, and able to independently search for relevant literature and journals.

Foreign trade document clerk

Position Description:

Proficient in using ERP system to complete the following tasks:
1. Communicate with the business department in a timely manner, follow up the progress of the order in order to cooperate with the salesman in a timely and effective manner to ensure the smooth progress of the order;
2. According to the order, arrange the booking, trailer, packing, document production, cargo tracking, customs declaration, insurance purchase, logistics cost settlement and other matters in a timely manner;
3. Complete collection and presentation of documents under L/C;
4. Arrangement and filing of documents and documents.


1. Undergraduates majoring in international trade, business, logistics, English and other related majors, CET-4 or above;
2. Fresh graduates, or those with 1-2 years of equivalent experience are welcome, those with pharmaceutical and chemical export experience are preferred;
3. Strong sense of work responsibility, meticulous and rigorous work style;
4. Strong learning ability, excellent communication skills, good teamwork spirit.

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